Corporate Philosophy

Supporting Your "Dreams"

August 4, 2023

We believe that in the future, it is important for individuals to enrich their daily lives and obtain a sustainable sense of happiness in a healthy and peaceful society.

It is crucial to build a sustainable and happy society where individuals can live happily throughout their lives, facing various challenges while leading a fulfilling life.

In the past, people may have searched for their future without knowing, and they may have given up or faced setbacks due to societal systems, perhaps even giving up on life.

However, life ultimately moves towards happiness. We want to support individuals throughout this process. This is the philosophy of our company. We are engaged in activities that serve as a bridge between Japan and Asia, connecting Japan with the rest of the world. With this sentiment in mind, we have chosen as the domain for our website.

Our staff (including affiliated staff) come from various backgrounds and experiences, including those who have studied abroad in the United States, Japan, and Taiwan, those with various qualifications, permanent residents of Japan, naturalized Japanese citizens, real estate owners, and video production planners.

We provide services that cater to everyone and support your dreams.

We sincerely ask for your continued support.

Kaya Planning
Kana Iwao